Teen & Tween

Products for Tween Girls


Whilst ‘Tween-agers don’t quite suffer the same hormonal ups and downs as teenagers (yet!), they are still very much at a formative age where a strong sense of self-esteem is vital. By promoting good skincare and general health habits at an early age, we can make sure our girls are set-up for a lifetime of confidence and strong self-esteem. And remember, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be as simple as cleansing your face morning and night.

The La Clinica Range is a great way to introduce a skincare routine to tween faces. The products are organic, and utterly delightful. The La Clinica range uses balanced formulas to promote moisturising without oiliness, anti-oxidants to assist skin health and gentle cleansing without drying out delicate skin.


Products for Teen Girls


We all know the teenage years can be a rough ride in terms of self-esteem and the emotional ups and downs. There is so much that goes into the transition from child to adult, and that growing sense of who we are in the world. Surrounded as we are by unrealistic images of beauty, teenagers suffer huge blows to their confidence when their skin starts breaking out in zits and blemishes. Establishing a good skincare regime can do so much to re-establish self-esteem and develop a strong sense of taking control of your own skin.

With a gorgeous range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and balancing masks, the La Clinica Clear Skin range is a must for any teenage girl. All products are designed to find the balance between cleansing, controlling blemishes and keeping skin moist and healthy, without applying harsh chemicals or being overly oily.


Products for Boys


Teenage boys have long been neglected in terms of skincare. However girls aren’t the only ones who suffer problems with confidence and self-image during those transitional, hormone-riddled years. In these days of social media and digital everything, self-image propaganda is just as prevalent for boys as it is for girls. By understanding the importance of hygiene and skincare, you can put your best face to the world as you deal with the challenges of your age. It’s true for anyone that the confidence you feel from thinking you look good will always shine through, so that you WILL look good, no matter what.

808 Dude is a brand that is just for boys. The products are simple; they contain only natural and organic ingredients, no nasty chemicals, so you’re not being exposed to the toxins found in mainstream products. And they work!